Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

We are thrilled by two of our Aussie Tennis icons, Dylan Alcott & Ashleigh Barty for their incredible performance & winners of the Wimbledon 2021. Dylan Alcott has been crowned the second consecutive Wimbledon quad wheelchair singles title and Ash Barty is the first Australian woman to win the Wimbledon Singles in 41 years, since Evonne Goolagong Cawley.

Congratulations have been flowing in from their many fans around the world, including high profile individuals such as Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Both of them are not only talented in sports, but they are also inspirational and genuine Champions of the People. While Ash Barty has influenced many youth to see their dreams to fruition, Dylan Alcott has been an inspiration to people with disabilities.

Dylan Alcott was born with a congenital tumour in his spine, leading to lifelong paraplegia. He has defied all odds since birth, fighting to not only survive, but thrive. No doubt his upbringing involved a lot of hardship; not just to himself but his family as well. Yet, neither him nor his family wished for him to surrender. His positive attitude and drive for sports has earned him the nickname of “Australian Rollers”. He was the gold medallist of wheelchair basketball at age 17. Dylan is also a radio host, sports commentator, an advocate for disabilities and a global motivational speaker.

In 2017, Alcott established the Dylan Alcott Foundation, a charitable organisation, aiming to help young Australians with disabilities to fulfill their dreams and potential through sports and studies grant programs.

At Integral Home Care (IHC), we are deeply inspired by Barty and Alcott’s distinctive characters and contribution to society. Our mission is to provide quality care to people with disabilities and the elderly. We embrace a person-centred care approach and emphasize respect, communication, experience and flexibility. We also work proactively in order to solve problems for our participants.

We attribute our success in establishing a harmonious and innovative working environment. We have been building a close rapport with staff members, our participants and their families or advocates since the beginning of our services.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, IHC has strictly adhered to the Government’s rapidly changing health rules and regulations. We ensure everyone is working safely by providing sufficient PPE and make regular health recommendations to our staff members via phone calls, emails and the Brevity Care App.

Did you know all of our Support Coordinators are experienced Registered Nurses, all of whom have been fully COVID-19 vaccinated. The majority of IHC Support Workers have also received their first dose of their COVID-19 vaccinations. Moreover, one of our Support Coordinators is qualified to perform COVID-19 testing. On one occasion, he performed a COVID-19 swab test for one of our participants who has severe disabilities. Fortunately, this participant was tested negative, her elderly parents were feeling relieved and thanked the effort of our team.
In further good news, we will soon be awarded by the OCTEC Employment Service for providing long term employment for one of our Support Workers, as he is no longer living on welfare payments. This Support Worker enjoys working with IHC where he feels supported and finds his passion in helping others.

Integral Home Care endeavour to make difference to society

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